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While we’re discussing on-page optimization and recommending having nice long text content, it’s worth taking a moment to stress that you need unique text. That is to say, text that does not exist elsewhere on the internet.

I don’t mean that you can’t talk about the same subject: you can have a guide to flipping houses even though there are hundreds of other guides to flipping houses. But you cannot just copy and paste the text from those other guides.

It’s okay to occasionally quote other sites, but other than those small excerpts, every single sentence of your content should be your own, different from others.

Non Unique Content = Stealing

There are all kinds of black hat techniques that revolve around stealing content from other people’s sites and mixing and twisting it in an attempt to fool algorithms. Don’t do this.

If Google suspects that your content is just swiped from other sites, it will not rank your page. If Google decides that many of your pages are swiped from other sites, it could well just decide not to rank anything on your site (Google has special algorithms that do just this).

One of the strange things about working in SEO is that you have to clarify tactics by telling people not to steal. In any other industry that would be a given. But in the SEO world, you would be amazed at the shortcuts people look for.

Remember what I said at the very beginning: there are no shortcuts. In the end shortcuts will come back to bite you. Just do it right the first time and avoid the penalties in the first place.

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