Reuse URLs to Preserve Authority

As a final note on the topic of on-site authority, whenever possible you want to re-use existing URLs that already have links to them, rather than building new versions.

For example, if you have an article on the best vacation spots of 2013 that got some links and attention — reuse that page when you do the 2014 article! Rather than making a whole new page and starting over from scratch, just replace the contents with the 2014 content. Then your new article is already starting out with a bunch of links pointing to it and a history of good user metrics, making it more likely to rank.

If you really want to preserve the old content, make a new article for the old stuff and backdate it!

Obviously this technique only works if the old content is no longer attracting visits and links. This is commonly used in the ecommerce industry for Black Friday sales: sites like and don’t make a brand new URL every year — they use the exact same Black Friday URL year after year so that it can continue to accumulate more and more and more links (which makes it increasingly difficult for anyone just entering the game to compete for rankings).

You should think ahead when using this technique and make sure that your URL does not include date info. Amazon surely doesn’t want its Black Friday page to live at, for example.

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