Minor Topicality Factors

There are a host of minor topicality factors, many of which are probably not even be factors at all. This includes things like H1 or H2 tags, bold or italicized text, etc. Mass correlation studies have repeatedly found no correlation between these signals and rankings.

It is possible that they have some minor impact, but it is certain that you don’t need to worry about them. We don’t know that these matter, but we do know there are millions of pages that top the rankings without them.

You should worry about the content and keyword usage on your site, not the tags around them.

H1/H2 tags in particular are something that you’ll hear SEOs around the world swear are important — and they know it because someone else told them so. But they’ve never tested it (because if they did, they wouldn’t keep insisting it matters).

In point of fact, headlines can be important — the big bold text at the top of a page or a section of text. However, it doesn’t matter if the headline is in a H1 tag, or a div, or a span, or any other kind of styling. All that matters is that it is big bold text, now how you make it big and bold.

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