Link Calculator

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This link calculator will crawl a URL and retrieve a count of the number of links on the webpage, and list all of the links found. It will also show an example “value” of authority passed per link, arbitrarily set to a value of 100 for a page with 200 links.

Note this link calculator attempts to obey robots.txt for the site crawled, so may not crawl pages that are blocked in your robots.txt. The tool also will not find sneaky links loaded with Javascript: just because this tool doesn’t see them doesn’t mean that Google won’t — Google has a demonstrated, if somewhat inconsistent, ability to render the DOM.

The purpose of the link calculator is to use the info to optimize authority flow within your site. Reductions in low value or no value global links can lead to meaningful and easy SEO gains.

The Link Calculator was built by the cunning SEO engineers at, and given to the public to use. Because they’re just cool that way.