A Link Building Safety Review

Okay, I promise we’re finally about to start talking about how to actually go out and get links for your site. But first, let’s take a moment and do a quick safety review to make sure that you aren’t going to hurt yourself.

  1. Do you deserve to rank? Remember this is our number one factor. It is not going to do you much good to put tons and tons of work into link acquisition only to have Google realize that most users leave your site within a minute of arriving. Because if you don’t deserve to rank and can’t satisfy the long click, then Google will start demoting you in rankings despite your efforts. And also remember that you need actual organic links that you didn’t go out and build in addition to your built links… and that’s only going to happen if you have a site that deserves to rank.
  2. Diversify your link building. Do not pursue any single technique exclusively. You need lots of different kinds of links from different types of sites (as well as nofollow and social media links that won’t actually help you rank, because that’s what a natural link profile looks like).
  3. Don’t break the rules. Even if it looks so easy, even if your competition is doing it, even if you’ve done it before and didn’t get caught. Avoid the tactics on the list of tactics to avoid. Unless your business model involves throwing your site away in a couple months if and when you get penalized, it’s not worth the chance.

I’m not saying all these things to be a prude, or to make your life difficult. Link acquisition is the most powerful tool in the SEO toolbox, and as a result it’s the most closely policed by Google. If you misuse these tools you can ruin your business overnight.

Okay, enough said. Let’s get started on the real work of SEO.

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  1. Sai Grace Carta

    This article was very informative, thank you for SHARING your knowledge


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